Processing of electrical and electronic waste

Technological plant for recovery of electrical and electronic waste with the exception of cooling systems and fluorescent lamps

Material for dismatling:

  • large domestic appliances except for cooling and refrigerating systems
  • small domestic appliances
  • information technologies and telecommunication equipment
  • consumer electronics
  • electrical and electronic tools
  • toys, equipment designed for the use in sport and leisure related activities
  • medical equipment
  • monitoring devices
  • selected types of vending machines


Industrial dismantling of components falling into categories of hazardous waste.

  • TV screens and monitors
  • toners
  • Pb batteries 
  • asbestos etc.

Two parallel recycling lines

  • Step I. (tu by mohol byť preklik) - processing of „heavy" electrical and electronic waste in chain mill
  • Step II.(preklik tiež) - processing of „light" electrical and electronic waste in hammer mill


  • Processing of various materials with optimum setting of separation lines
  • Flexibility in case the input material type is changed
  • Optional selection of processing lines
  • Optimised servicing and maintenance
  • High purity of obtained final fraction
  • Reduced costs due optimum structural design (modular layout of separate components)